Sssbc Agreement 2 Of 2019

We would like to assure members that this agreement will in any case benefit them. As I said earlier, this is a progressive approach and, therefore, it goes without saying that members will not benefit at the same time – but within three years. In all these efforts, we also encourage the awareness and values of unions in the workplace. We want to address the issues raised in the public space on the issues raised in the Security and Security Negotiation Council (SSSB) and explain our position and position in this regard. Posted by Richard Mamabolo, Spokesperson, POPCRU, March 18, 2019 It is not our business and our priority to talk about SAPU, but we are obliged to go to this field because of their intentional misinformation and deception. In the past, it has denied or not agreements in which it was part of the negotiations. SAPU has never signed the agreement that talks about decoupling housing benefit with spouses who work in government. It has not signed a resolution 1 for 2018 that talks about increasing membership benefits for Tier 1 to 5 members. In addition, they did not sign exactly the agreement that aims to improve the progress of the notes, and yet they were part of their complete design. Our members marched in 2013 and 2018 respectively with requests for these implementations. The result of this action has been the increase in the number of members of the Public Service Act. But it has not been fully implemented – hence the developments within the SSSBC, as explained above. We signed Agreement 4 of 2017, which deals with members at the lowest levels within SAPS, which focuses specifically on cleaners, safety, dog breeders, horse breeders, food aid services and all other categories ignored [again, SAPU has not signed].

It is now the Department of Public Service and Administration that must act quickly to ensure that the different categories are implemented in relation to these categories. While we have the courage to confirm that the courts have confirmed us by instructing the Ministry of Labour to finally unblock the judgment on the safety of dcS headquarters within 10 days of 13 March 2019, we are still dismayed by the non-compliant conduct that the DCS has shown in the completion of all outstanding issues concerning the conditions of service of workers. All Council parties participated in the negotiations at the SSSBC, namely saps as employers, accredited labour organizations, POPCRU and SAPU. At the end of the negotiations, all parties approved the result. It is regrettable and misleading, however, that the SAPU, in its opportunistic attempt to disorient members and mislead the entire nation, has gone to the media [the result of a process in which they fully participated and which was approved by the Bargaining Council]. Surprisingly, it was only when the agreements were implemented that they began to make all forms of unsolicited accusations.