Affidavit Of Lost Promissory Note And Indemnity Agreement

(8) If the holder ever finds the original note or if it is returned elsewhere to the holder, the holder agrees that the original note has no value and that it will return the original note to the borrower immediately and without consideration. (9) The holder shall request and make such affidavit to request the borrower to issue a double note to replace the original note. (10) In view of the foregoing, the holder accepts for himself, his heirs, legal representatives, successors and beneficiaries of the assignment: a. to forever exempt and discharge the borrower, its legal representatives, successors and beneficiaries from any claim, action and/or request that the holder may have against the borrower, in any way, in connection with or ad from the initial note and/or compliance with the holder`s claim in this affidavit concerning this original note; and, for example, exempt the borrower, its legal representatives, successors and assignees, including but not limited to its registrar and transfer agents, from any loss, damage, liability, costs, fees, attorneys` fees and/or any other expenses resulting from or for the following reasons: i. the issuance and notification of a new note; Kil Any payment, transfer, delivery, exchange or other act made or made in respect of the original note, whether made or made by accident, supervision or negligence, or whether it is made or is made on presentation of the original note, without calling into question the accuracy of such transfer, payment, delivery, exchange or other act; (iii) the initial note and/or the undertaking`s compliance with the requirements of the holders in that affidavit; and/or iv. Any breach or violation of any certificate, agreement, insurance or agreement contained in this affidavit. If you work with another person or company, there is always a risk that the other party will remove you from the company. A non-umkum agreement may be able to protect your interests, although it also has some drawbacks….