Date Of Agreement In Tds

In addition, you can take the date of the reservation as the date on which you made the payment of 5%. I bought a construction-related property and paid a fee to the client after June 2013. I paid for it until today, but I never withdrew TDS (so not deposited). My Builder has never requested a TDS certificate. Good Morining I have a question about 194IA if the contract for the sale of 60Laksh was concluded before 1.06.2013 and the partial payment for 20 lakhs before 1.6.2013. So, do I have to pay TDS on the amount of Balabce I paid on or after 1.6.2013? Form 26QB applies to the purchase of real estate after June 1, 2013. Therefore, for real estate for which the formalities were completed before that date, it is not necessary to submit Form 26QB. I booked an apartment at Jun`11 and I got the sales contract at Sep`11, the date of the procession is at Mär`15. Until July 13th, I had paid 70% of the payment and the rest will be paid to the client. After July 13, payment will be made twice according to the construction plan. I have the following questions: – Is the TDS applicable in this case? – If so, TDS will be deducted from the total amount under the deed of sale or payment after July 13. The tax must be deducted to the beneficiary`s account at the time of crediting this amount or at the time of payment, whichever is earlier. The date of registration, agreement or contract is not relevant to deciding the payment date of TDS.

Sir, if an agreement is reached on June 22, 2020 and the property is second-hand. The bank`s loans are still being processed, the credit bureau will receive a deposit to the buyer`s account and the buyer will then pay the same to the seller. The calculation is 30 days from the date of the agreement or the payment date on which the buyer will pay the amount to the seller. if the buyer pays to the seller after three months. so, what is the date of tds deposite .pls suggest as soon as possible. Thanks in advance 1st payment date / credit means the date of payment to the owner. 2. The tax deduction date is the date on which you paid to the owner, as set out above, after deduction of TDS. The date of payment/credit and the date of the tax deduction should be the same, otherwise interest should be calculated for the late deduction. 3. If you made a payment to the landlord in November 2019, you must have deducted 1%. They will therefore have to pay 1% with the late payment of interest of 1.5% per month from November 2019 to November 2020.

First of all, you should ask the bank for the payment date and explain your problem to them when advancing TDS. It is practically not possible to enter the withdrawal date of TDS without a payment date. The underperformance of sales in accordance with the agreement is 56.00,000 / -. (A) The total number until 30.5.2013 is 42.00.000 /-. (B) The total number after 30.5.2013 is Rs.05.00.000/-. (C) The payment remaining to be made after 30.5.2013 is set at rule 09.00.000 / -. (D) I forgot to remove TDS on (C) What is the remedy now? -paramjeet singh TDS must be filed within 30 days from the end of the month of deduction. For example, if you pay the payment to the seller in instalments, you must deduct TDS each instalment. The date of payment is relevant, as the date of payment and the date of the deduction should not deviate, as it entails default interest.

I concluded in December 2013 a pre-registration contract for the Pune property, which will be given to me in June 2016 (final registered contract) if I have to pay the TDS at the time of final registration or from the beginning? Is TDS applicable to the purchase of a property already located in the Home Loan? Plan to take out a 55 lanks home loan to buy real estate….