What Is 12 Point Agreement

The post-agreement political scenario may seem rather unclear, but it will be wrong to interpret it mechanically. Some « radical » foreigners want to think that the Maoists are simply using the agreement as a tactic, because such compromises go against the spirit of the revolution. However, the truth of Mao`s statement that the complete victory of the revolution will take hundreds of years and that a revolutionary force must be prepared for all eventualities in the « process of continuous revolution and counter-revolution, and it cannot rely on formulas. Nepalese revolutionaries` understanding of the « relationship between the party, the army, the state and the people » is largely based on the basic idea of the « rights to self-determination of the masses » (4). Throughout the history of the People`s War, they managed to coordinate with various « autonomous » movements, even if they were not often aware of it. There have been occasions when they have faltered but have voluntarily verified themselves. Therefore, the identification of the militaristic aspect of the people`s war in Nepal reduces its history, experience and logic to zero, to mere formulas derived from « teachings » and « sermons », or even generalizations of past experiences. This amounts to waging the people`s war and sacrificing goals in themselves, against their function of « unleashing the creativity and energy of the people and making them the new leaders with more responsibility » (5). Representatives of the 5+5 Joint Military Committee and the Acting Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Libya, Stephanie Williams, attended Monday`s meeting. « This round of talks comes after the signing of a ceasefire agreement by the two delegations in Geneva on 23 October.

The participants will begin talks on the implementation of the ceasefire agreement, including through the establishment of subcommittees and a monitoring and verification mechanism, » the United Nations Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) said in a statement on Sunday. The Maoist`s ability to establish and prosper as a counter-power against the building of the local state nurtured by world imperialism may have ushered in the fourth phase of the new democratic transformation in Nepal. The constancy and strength of the Nepalese revolutionaries dealt a fatal blow to the corporatist-monarchist-grand-terrain alliance with petty-bourgeois parliamentarism. .