Battle through the Heavens Three Year Agreement Episode 3 English Sub

« Battle Through the Heavens » Three Year Agreement: Episode 3 English Sub

« Battle Through the Heavens » is a popular Chinese anime series that has captured the attention of audiences worldwide. The show follows the journey of Xiao Yan, a young man who embarks on a quest to regain his lost powers and bring glory to his family`s name. In episode 3 of the show, we witness the unfolding of a crucial moment in the storyline – the three-year agreement between Xiao Yan and the Yao family.

The episode starts with Xiao Yan, who has been training hard for the past two years, finally returning to the Jia Ma Empire. He is determined to prove himself and make the entire empire aware of his potential. However, his initial plans of challenging his rivals to a battle are put on hold when he receives a letter from the Yao family inviting him for a meeting.

Xiao Yan, being the competitive and ambitious character that he is, leaps at the opportunity to meet with one of the most powerful families of the empire. He is aware that the meeting might not be a casual affair and that the Yao family might have something significant to offer him in exchange for his cooperation.

On arriving at the Yao family`s estate, Xiao Yan is greeted by the young master of the family, Yao Chen. The two engage in a verbal exchange, each trying to test the other`s strength and willpower. Ultimately, Yao Chen proposes a deal – a three-year agreement that would benefit both parties.

The agreement states that Xiao Yan would work for the Yao family for three years, during which time they would provide him with resources and training to enhance his powers. In exchange, Xiao Yan would assist the Yao family in their pursuit of obtaining a rare medicinal herb that is crucial to the healing of the family`s ailing leader.

Xiao Yan, being the astute negotiator that he is, understands the importance of the agreement and agrees to the terms. The two shake hands, signifying the beginning of a crucial partnership that would play a vital role in the future of the show`s storyline.

The episode ends with Xiao Yan returning to his family`s estate, where he receives some good news. His mother has managed to obtain a copy of the ancient « Heavenly Flame » cultivation method, which has the potential to boost Xiao Yan`s powers to a whole new level.

In conclusion, episode 3 of « Battle Through the Heavens » is a crucial turning point in the show`s storyline. The three-year agreement between Xiao Yan and the Yao family marks the beginning of an exciting journey that promises to be filled with action, adventure, and surprises. The subbed version of the episode provides a seamless viewing experience, allowing audiences worldwide to immerse themselves in the show`s world.